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All about my game developing journey.

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How To Git in Unity

Game Dev Series- 2D Space Shooter Game:

Basic function of Unity

Creating prototype

Adding UI & features

Special effects & SFX

Building & testing

Extra features

Enemy behavior

Game Dev Series- Cinematic Style Stealth Game:

3D environment setting

Creating cinematic Timeline

Unity AI

3D interactive

Core function & UI

Game Dev Series- 3D Platformer Game:

Basic actions

Upgrade assets

Ledge grabbing action

Advance actions

Game Dev Series- 2D Mobile Game:

2D environment & system

Inheritance in Unity

Player & enemy behavior

Shop system

Game Dev Series- 3rd Person Shooter:

Core system

Character behavior

Game Dev Series-

General function

Game Design Pattern

C# Skill in Unity

App Dev Series

Insurance App- AWS Services demonstrate

Zoo App- Scriptable object

Horse Anatomy App- AR app

Game Dev Series- Beautiful Game with URP & HDRP

Creating 3D scene in Unity

Universal Render Pipeline

Adjusting material of objects

High-Definition Render Pipeline



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S.J. Jason Liu

S.J. Jason Liu


A passionate gamer whose goal is to work in video game development.