You Should Use Pseudo Code- Game Dev Series 05

If you are new to programming as me, you should learn and use pseudo code.

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During coding the script, it might get jammed with function sometimes.
To prevent this situation, you can use pseudo code to help you figure out the process are dealing with.

Pseudo code is using your language (mostly English) to write down the process. Anything you want to do with the script, write it down in your normal language. Mostly, pseudo code used for if-statement.

Usually use comments as pseudo code

As an example, here is what I wrote down for creating a script for player movement,

With these description, I can start to convert it into code.

And this is the result,

Using pseudo code could make you run the process inside your head before coding. You could have more time to understand the calculation, to sort the process order, or to learn something new for your script.
You don’t even have to truly understand programming language to start writing your own code!



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