How to Reflect the Game Scene Well- Game Dev Series 59

S.J. Jason Liu
3 min readJun 24, 2021


Objective: Create gameobject reflection.

Object reflection is the key measurement of a game quality. In Unity, we can simply create reflection by its default element.

Reflection probe

There is a simple tool that allow us to create reflection effect in game scene.

In the hierarchy, click light>reflection probe to create one.

It will create a transparent cube in scene.

In the middle of this cube, you will see it create a simple reflection of the world automatically.

You can also check the reflection in the Inspector.

Then we can adjust the covering range of it. Click the edit button in Inspector, and adjust it by dragging the 6 sides.

And don’t forget to cover the floor.

You should see the result of reflection once you finish the editing.
We can also change some values in Inspector to get a better result.

This is a simple and fast way to create a reflection in scene. However, you might notice the quality of this is not quite well at all. It is fast, but it is kind of rough.

Screen space reflection

There is another way to create reflection by create functions in script which we will deep in to discover it later.

Here is a quick peek of this result of reflection.

It has lots of effects by using post processing. With this way of creating reflection, it present more details of gameobjects, and also change the tones of the environment.
However, it also require a better hardware to process.

So far we can easily use reflection probe to create the effect. Later, we will use post processing to create a better and higher quality of game scene reflection.



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