Make the Gameobjects Move in Timeline- Game Dev Series 64

Quick guide to animate gameobjects in timeline.

In the previous articles we have showed many ways to create a cutscene. In this article, we will make a quick tutorial to demonstrate how to animate a gameobject in timeline.

In fact, if you can animate a gameobject in Animation window, this should be easy to you. It is pretty much the same, just with a wider view of your whole cutscene, not just focus on a specific gameobject.

Import gameobject into timeline

Let’s create something funny but easy. In this cutscene, I would like to create a ball bouncing in the background while all the guards are focusing on catching Darren.

Add a bouncing ball in the background.

Create a sphere gameobject and drag it into timeline with proper position.

Then we can make it move by clicking the record button and move the ball.

If you want to adjust the exactly keyframe, you can double click the track in timeline to edit it in Animation tab.

Then we can play it in the timeline to check the result.

Love it!



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