Composing Elements in a Cutscene- Game Dev Series 62

S.J. Jason Liu
3 min readJun 27, 2021

Objective: Mix other elements into cutscene.

In this article, we will finish the first cutscene “Get Key Card” with all the elements needed. As in my article yesterday, you might noticed the demo clip of my cutscene got something else besides the virtual cameras. We will mix these elements in order.

Disappear key card

The first thing we need to adjust is the key card. Before we add the key card element, even our Player reach the hand and finish the action, the key card is still there.

Let’s fix this situation. Drag in the key card prefab from the Actors prefab into the timeline and create an Activation Track.

We can drag the out time of Card track to see the effect.

The activation track decide how long will the activation last. We can use this to make the card disappear at the right timing.
By the end you will get this result after adjusting.

Fade-in transition

To make the fade-in transition, we can add a canvas into timeline. Then add an image with black solid color covered the whole screen.

Change the name to Camera_Fade and we can drag the image into timeline.

We can press record button to adjust the alpha channel of image.

Check the result then you should get the same result as mine. That is all we need to do with this cutscene



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