Create a Control Room Game Scene: Part 2- Game Dev Series 148

S.J. Jason Liu
4 min readApr 29, 2022

Objective: create the ceiling and pillars of control room.

In this article, we would continue adding ceiling, pillars, and doorway to our control room.

From floor to ceiling

Creating ceiling would be an easy part. Since the size of ceiling would exactly the same as floor, all we need to do is simply duplicate the floor and moves it above as the ceiling.
Before this action, we can create an empty object to store the floor. And that would make the hierarchy of our game scene looks cleaner.

Now we can just duplicate the floor and rename it to Ceiling.

Next, we can move up the whole ceiling from the position of floor to a proper place above walls and floor.

We have created the ceiling instantly.
You can always adjust some details to ceiling to make it looks totally different from the floor.

Pillars matter

The next would be adding some pillars into our room. This will use some new 3D models from Filebase.
Drag in the gameobjects from Projects and set the position to 0.

Just like creating a wall, we can keep adding objects onto it.

The other objects might not so easy to align with the base. Here we can snap the vertex to make these as one pillar.

After adding all needed objects, we now have a pillar in scene.

Simply locate it into the scene with a proper position, and duplicate till your control room looks quite well as you wish.


While creating doorway, your imagination would be quite important to make this part looks more gorgious.
Decoration would be the main target to doorway.

First, locate the door frame to a proper position.

Then add a door as its child.

Now we can start filling this doorway with some floor pieces to make it looks functional.

Pretty much the same as creating a wall. With basic flat wall, we will do some decoration later.

Then I added some archway to improve the imagine of a doorway.

Cover up the archway with ceiling.

After some decoration, now we have a nice doorway.

Till now, we have finished all the basic contrucitons of our control room.
It’s all about your imagination of how should a control room looks like.
After we put in some terminal elements and platforms, the control room would become a realistic environment.



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