Reflection Probes in Unity- Game Dev Series 157

S.J. Jason Liu
2 min readMay 14, 2022


Objective: create light reflection into game scene.

We had all done with emission texture, light setting, and post processing in URP. And now we need to create some reflection to this game scene.
We have had used reflection probe before, and basically there is no difference of using reflection probe between standard shaders and URP.
Yet it can still present a well lighting mood by using it.

Adding reflection probes

In Hierarchy, add a reflection probe from Light> Reflection Probe.

This will generate a ball shape object into game scene with full of reflection of game objects on it.

If you could not see the reflection on sphere or there is no reflection in scene after adding it, make sure Auto Generate has checked in Lighting window.

Adjusting reflecting area

Then we need to resize the area of reflection by adjusting it in Inspector or click the edit button to drag the size in game scene.

Make sure the box has covered all the area that you want to present the reflection.

Then we can check the result of environment reflection.

With(L) or without(R) Reflection Probe



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