Add a Custom Skybox- Game Dev Series 150

Objective: introduce 4 different type of skybox in Unity.

Skybox is a build-in game world background function in Unity. We can easily create beautiful and decent background(or more like an environment mood) into our game scene.

First step

To create a skybox, simply right click on Assets from Project window and select material.

Select that material and change the shader to Skybox> “any type of skybox”.

Here are quick introduce of these 4 different skybox.


This is the basic skybox with adjustable toning of the environment.
You can easily change the tone of sky and ground, and even the size of sun.

When there is no need to import a complicated environment background, Procedural would be a perfect choice.


6-Sides is quite common in Unity and you can easily find some proper 6-sides skybox from Unity Assets Store for free.

This type of skybox would need 6 faces of environment to simulate a realistic world around. Which would also mean you need to export 6 sides of element when you want to create a type of this skybox on your own.


Cubemap is similar to 6-Sides, except you do not need to export 6 sides.
You just need to import the cubemap of your skybox source.

Before assign the cubemap to skybox, you need to change the Texture Shape of your source from 2D to cube.

That would make your source as a sphere, then your can assign it to skybox.


The last one is which you can import your panoramic photo into your game as the environment.

Simply assign the panoramic photo into skybox, and the world of your photo would be brought to the game world.

That’s all for the basic build-in skybox function in Unity.



A passionate gamer whose goal is to work in video game development.

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S.J. Jason Liu

A passionate gamer whose goal is to work in video game development.