Quick Guide of Enable Post Processing in Unity- Game Dev Series 25

S.J. Jason Liu
2 min readMay 20, 2021

Objective: Use post process in Unity.

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I used to be a video worker. When a video is about to finish editing, post processing is the key to make it looks gorgeous. Surprisingly, I can do the same stuff in Unity with convenient tool!

To access the post process, we need to install it in the Package Manager from the drop menu.

After you install it, you can find it in the Project window.

Then we need an empty object to handle the post processing.
Create an empty in the hierarchy and called it Post_Process_Volume.
In the Inspector, add a Post-Process Volume component.

In the component, check the Is Global, which the effect will apply to all the object in the scene. You can keep the rest as default, and click New on Profile then create one.

Then click Layer on the top right of Inspector, select add layer. Within the layer window, choose 1 empty to type in Post Processing.
Back to game object, select the Post_Process_Volume in Layer.

Then we need to set our camera to process the effects.

Click Main Camera in Hierarchy, add a Post-Process Layer component. Then choose the Post Processing in Layer.

That’s all we need to do first for post processing.



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