A Little Physics in Unity- Game Dev Series 08

S.J. Jason Liu
2 min readMay 3, 2021


Physics is what makes a game more realistic and more fun.

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So far we have made some movement and shooting action. The next part would be create an enemy. Before we create an enemy, we should know the basic physics in Unity- Rigidbody.
Rigidbody can make our game object to interact with real world physic, such as gravity.

We can create a rigidbody simply by add a component insides Inspector window.

A rigidbody component for a 3d object

The first thing you would notice the different is gravity. When you play with a game object that contains a rigidbody with gravity checked, it would falls straight down as gravity is dragging it.

You can see the difference by check the gravity

With rigidbody, you could even create a lot of ways to play with gravity.

A rigidbody is usually used with collider. As the name, a collider is used for process the collide between game objects. Without the collider, the game objects would go through each other. In our game, a collide would happen between the laser and the enemy, or the enemy and the player.
We will talk about collider later, let’s create an enemy now.

Create a cube and change the name to Enemy. Then add a rigidbody component to it.
You can hit Play and see what would happen,

Don’t forget to give your enemy a material

The enemy was falling straight by gravity and stopped above the Player because the collider. When we create a new game object, there is always a collider attached to it.

That’s the first step to play with rigidbody. Next, we will make the collide more reasonable.



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