Make an Animation with Sprites- Game Dev Series 16

S.J. Jason Liu
2 min readMay 11, 2021


Objective: Make an animation to our triple shot powerup.

Previous: Feeling Like A Real Video Game!

Our powerup is great, except it looks dull.
In Unity, there is a strong system to create animation for 2D sprite. We can use it to our powerup.

To add an animation, we need to open the animation window by clicking the drop down menu of Window and select Animation> Animation.

Then drag the Triple_Shot_Powerup prefab into hierarchy, and click Create in Animation window while the prefab was selected. Then give a name to this animation.

Now you can see the animation timeline. To create an animation, we need to click the recording button, then import the animation sprites.

We can press the Play in animation window to check the animation.

Go to Inspector window and you will notice that there is a new component called Animator has been created automatically.

Don’t forget to override and delete!

You got a pretty unique animated powerup now.



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