Tessellation in HDRP- Game Dev Series 160

S.J. Jason Liu
2 min readMay 18, 2022


Objective: using tessellation to present the bump of texture.

Here is another displacement mode that can present the details of texture. Tessellation is an unique shader under HDRP that provides a different setting to show the height map in 2D texture.

Switch to tessellation

First thing to use tessellation is changing the shader from Lit to LitTessellation.

Then choose the displacement mode to Tessellation displacement.

Once switch to tessellation displacement, you can add the height map we created from last article.

You should see the difference after switching to tessellation displacement mode.

Slightly adjust the texture

If you turn on gizmo of selection wire, you might see the 3D edges full over the texture surface. These are vertices that it created by height map.

Go to Tessellation section in Inspector, you can increase the amount of vertices by dragging tessellation factor.

With higher amount of vertices, the needed of 3D calculation would be more expensive. Make sure the result is under your control or your game might be too laggy to run.

With a proper vertices amount, you can readjust the bump of surface from height map.



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