VR in Unity: Pt 02- VR Dev Series 02

Quick guide: playing with controller sample scene of OpenXR Plugin to get a quick understand of OQ2 controller.

In the previous tutorial, we have created a project with every plug-in we needed. Let’s take a quick look of controller input.

Controller scene

First we need to do is importing the sample scene from package manager. Open it and select OpenXR, then you should see the dropdown menu of Samples. Import Controller.

Once imported, there is a sample scene called ControllerSample under Assets>Samples>OpenXR Plugin> 1.2.8> Controller.
Open that scene.

In this scene, it has prepared the basic controller input system of OQ2.

Testing in OQ2

Now we can connect out OQ2 to PC, and into Play mode.
If everything runs smooth, here is what you should see in your OQ2 with holding both controllers.

If you could not get into Play mode in VR properly, there will be a tutorial about this function in my next article.

Now you could try to press every buttons on your hand to see what the button is.

If you select LeftHand or RightHand gameobject in Hierarchy, you can take a look at LeftHand/RightHand> VisibleElements> Grip> ActionMapInfo to take a look at every input setting with both controllers.

This is the quick guide of first peek of OQ2 input in Unity.



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S.J. Jason Liu

S.J. Jason Liu


A passionate gamer whose goal is to work in video game development.