Using Layered Lit to mix Texture Maps- Game Dev Series 162

Objective: using the powerful texture tool of HDRP to create mixed texture.

Another awesome tool with HDRP to create an immersive texture is Layered Lit. It can help you combining 2 to 4 different texture and mixed them by using mask layer.
Here is how to create it.

Create Layered Lit

Let’s prepare 2 different texture to create this mixed one.
I’ll use mud and grass to demonstrate.

Create a new texture and change the shader to HDRP/LayeredLit.

Then make sure the layer count set to 2.

Now we can import our 2 different type of material.

And you should notice there is only 1 material reveal in preview window.

And that is because layered lit required a mask layer to show the main layer(base layer), which we can create one from graphic editing software, or import any mask layer you want.

Import mask layer

In here, I would use an unique mask layer to demonstrate.

Drag the image to layer mask section.

Then we can see the base material in preview window.

Apply this texture on any model to check the result.

Or you can use the base texture to create the unique layer mask, to create a more realistic texture.



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