The Amazing Virtual Camera- Game Dev Series 170

S.J. Jason Liu
3 min readJun 26, 2022

Objective: quick introduce of virtual camera from Cinemachine.

Virtual camera is the main function of Cinemachine. It require a “brain” in the existing camera to be controlled/received order from virtual camera, which makes virtual camera is more like a camera setting recorder.

In this article, I would go through some basic and important things about virtual camera.

Basic interface

When add a virtual camera, if you select the existing camera, you would notice that it is automatically added a CinemachineBrain into it.

This is the main part to receive setting info from virtual camera.

Let’s take a look at the virtual camera from Inspector.

The first part is Status. This is used to check the setting of your virtual camera. With enable “Solo” in Inspector, you can check the current actived setting of camera.
If you have 2 virtual cameras with different data, you can check them by enable “Solo” button on any camera you want.

You can also change the number of priority to make sure which camera is active one. The higher number, gets higher priority.

Another setting of virtual camera is lens setting. You can easily change the field of view with each camera. There is no need to readjust the main camera every time when there is a need to move camera. You can apply it with a virtual camera to get a quick result.

And more…

The most important function of virtual camera is you can easily aim or follow objects in game scene, which we will discuss more in the upcoming articles.

There are even more extensions preset, each virtual camera could be quite unique.

Get these camera in hand and become a good game director!



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