Smooth Camera Movement- Game Dev Series 184

S.J. Jason Liu
2 min readMar 15, 2023


Objective: using Dolly/Track to follow target.

Dolly track is kind of a common used function in Cinemachine, and I’ve already have articles of using dolly into cutscene or using dolly cam to follow the target.

However, dolly cam can also moving on track automatically by using Cart.
This would create a self-running camera that also locked on the target you set.

Create dolly track with cart

This time we would use the option from dropdown menu called “Create Dolly Track with Cart”.

Different from creating a dolly camera with track, this would not create a virtual camera, but a cart instead.

You can see this as an invisible auto-moving camera cart. Select it and there are some adjustable parts within.

The first thing to do is assign the dolly track to this cart, and also set a moving speed. I would set to 2 in this case.
Then just do as what setting a dolly cam do.

Create a virtural camera and make it look at the target. In my case, I would make it look at Danny.
Then set the Body type to Tracked Dolly, and assign Cart as Follow target.

You can also set the track as looped, and this would make cart keep circuling on it.

All done! Let’s take a look at how good that Danny’s dance is.



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