Make Some 2D Waterfall- Game Dev Series 99

S.J. Jason Liu
3 min readAug 3, 2021

Objective: created animated tiles.

Tilemap not only can be used to draw still environment, but also animated game scene. We can use Animated Tiles to make our game looks more awesome.

Animated Tiles is an extra function which can be downloaded from the Github of Unity. To use Animated Tiles, the first thing needs to be confirmed is the version of your editor.

Once get your version, you can visit this website to download the proper files. And also follow the instruction of the description.
For example, my version is 2019.4.21f1, according to the description, I need to download the 1.5.0-preview.

Download the file and extract to the specific folder, then add one line to manifest file as what it shows in the description.

Now if you can open the project without any compiler error, you are doing it right!
Then we are ready to make some animated tiles.

Create Animated Tiles

In this article, we will create the waterfall animated tiles.
First let’s create an Animated Tile in Project window.

You can found the option in 2D Extras

Select the tile and set the numbers of tiles to 30, then it should create 30 slots that you need to import.

Next would be the hardest part. You need to import the tiles that you prepared for this animation, and import them frame by frame on your own.

What a long process…

Once you done, create a new palette in Tilemap and drag in the Animated Tile.

Now you can draw some beautiful animated waterfall! Play the game and you should see the result!



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