In-Game Link to Your Game Page- Game Dev Series 120

S.J. Jason Liu
2 min readAug 24, 2021


Quick guide of how to create a link direct to your game page.

When someone finished playing the game you created, it is important to ask them to leave a comment to your project. By creating a button in game linking to your game page, you can kindly ask players to leave a comment of your game.
In this article, we would create a button with this function.

From script to web page

After created a button in canvas, let’s pretend it would only appear when Player finished the game, we can create a new script to it.
Called it “GameClear”.

Inside this script, we would create 2 methods. One of them would be direct link to our game page.
Create a method called “RateGame()”. Then using Application.OpenURL(“string”) in this method.

Save it and test it in Play mode, you should be able to link to your game page!



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