Import Assets from Filebase- Game Dev Series 87

S.J. Jason Liu
3 min readJul 22, 2021


Objective: quick guide of importing assets from Filebase of GameDevHQ.

Filebase is a assets database provides by GameDevHQ. There are tons of assets that you could import to your Unity project. If you are taking courses on GameDevHQ, the assets can help you to build an outstanding game with beautiful objects.

To use Filebase, you need to make sure get the access to the community of GameDevHQ. Inside the community tab, there should have a Filebase section on the left.

Click Filebase and you should see the latest version of Filebase package to download.

Download the package and import it at Project window> Import Package> Custom Package.

Select downloaded package and import it. The files will be in Project window automatically. And also create a Filebase button on the top of editor.

Click Filebase to open the window, and select the asset you want in Filebase. There are lots of genre in the drop down menu.

In this article I will import a character as demonstration. Select Characters> Humans. And choose a human character to import.

Click download and import it to your project. After imported, you would find it in Project tab and under the Filebase folder.

Now you can use the prefab in your game scene!

Always start with T-pose.



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