How to Install the Universal Render Pipeline- Game Dev Series 149

Objective: upgrade your game scene to URP.

Unity provides 2 different shaders that can promote our game project to a higher quality: URP and HDRP.
Normally it would be standard shader by default, in this tutorial, we will upgrade the control room game scene to the first advance shader: URP.

Install URP

Before we upgrade our project, it would be a big stuff to upgrade shader and we definitilly not want to ruin our game scene.
The best way to complete upgrading is export our project first.

Once we export our original project, we can close it and back to Unity Hub to start a new project with default URP setting.
Select New Project> 3D Sample Scene URP.

After open the new project, we can import our original project.

Now our game scene is back to work.
After imported the game project, you might see it present as whole pink like something goes wrong.

Don’t worry about it. This would happen when you render objects with Standard shader in URP environment.

To fix this, select Edit> Render Pipeline> Universal Render Pipeline> Upgrade Project Material to

Now your game environment would look exactly the same as before, and also successfully upgrade to URP.



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S.J. Jason Liu

S.J. Jason Liu

A passionate gamer whose goal is to work in video game development.