How to Create the Hand-Held Look on Unity Cameras using Noise- Game Dev Series 176

S.J. Jason Liu
2 min readMar 2, 2023


Objective: using Noise option from virtual camera to create unique camera effects.

Hand-held of cinematic camera is a common way to present. This would show the audiences a nature, realistic way of the world and slightly home-video-like results could make the audiences closer to what is happening.

In Unity, you can bring this effect to games easily by using the basic function of Cinemachine- Noise.

Noise option

To enable noise effect, first we need to change the Noise option from None to Basic Multi Channel Perlin.

Then we would need to choose a Noise profile, which you can try on each one to locate the perfect effect to your game.

After choosing a profile, let’s enter Play mode to check the result.

No matter which profile you choose, you can still adjust the parameters to each performance.
There are Pivot Offset, Amplitude Gain, and Frequency Gain.

You can also click the New random seed to make a random start position.

Once again, you need to try more combinations to reach the perfect result to your game.



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