Host Your Game on the Web- Game Dev Series 30

S.J. Jason Liu
3 min readMay 25, 2021


Objective: Upload the WebGL game to .

Build the game for Windows is quite good. But it would be better if upload your work to the web that non-windows user can also play it.
To do that, we will build a WebGL version of our game and upload it to

Open Build Settings and select WebGL, then click Switch Platform. When the Unity icon is at WebGL, switch completed.

Click Build and it should open the folder when compile complete.

Now you got the WebGL version. Let’s upload it to is a global platform for game developer can upload their work. To upload your game, you need to create an account first.

Once created your own account, click Upload new project in the drop down menu.

In the page, type in all the information that needed, and select HTML in Kind of project.

And before uploading the game, you should follow the description and pack all your files into a zip.

Once you uploaded it, make sure checked Played with browser.

Then you can describe your game and give it some tags. It would be great if you write down how to play your game.

After everything is done, click Save & view page.

Back to edit mode if everything is working, and select Public in Visibility & access then save.

Now your game should be playable on!



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