Getting Start with AWS for Unity- App Dev Series 1

S.J. Jason Liu
3 min readSep 3, 2021

Objective: enable AWS services to Unity project.

This would be the first article of app development by Unity. In this article, we would sign up AWS services for our Unity app and complete all the setting of AWS.

Quick run through all needs to start AWS

To start AWS for Unity, you need to visit this site and follow the following steps.

  • Create an AWS account(free)
  • Download AWS mobile SDK package for Unity
  • Configure AWS mobile SDK for Unity
  • Using AWS Cognito to get the credentials of AWS

Create an account & download SDK package

Click the link from that page to register an AWS account.

Finish all the steps(you might need to type in your credit card info to authenticate this service, although it would cost you $1, it would be a free service according to your permission selection.) and once you reach the Management Console page, you are finished creating an account.

Now we need to download the SDK for Unity.
Back to the site of the set up AWS for Unity, click Download SDK for Unity.

It should download a zip with a bunch of packages. Select S3 (Simple Storage Service) package and import it to Unity.

After imported it, you should get 3 folders.

Now we can configure the AWS mobile SDK to Unity.

Configure AWS mobile SDK

Back to the guiding site, and the step 2 would give your the guide of how to configure this SDK.

Open editor and create an empty object called “AWS_Manager”. Then create a new script called “AWSManager” and attach to the empty object.

Open this script and we need to initialize the needed files of AWS service with the line of code that describe in that guiding page.

Don’t forget using Amazon library.

This would automatically initialize the files when Running this app. We can Play test and check the result.

All files generated automatically.

We are finished configuring AWS mobile SDK for Unity. The next part would be get the credentials of AWS.

Using Amazon Cognito

The part 3 of guiding page has a link would direct to Amazon Cognito Console. Click it and select Manage Identity Pools.

Create a name of your identity pool, and since our app would not need to login to use, just select Unauthenticated identities and click Create Pool.

Check the details of your identity pools, then click Allow.
Once it shows “success”, it will lead you to a console page, then everything should be done!

Now you have finished the basic setting of AWS for Unity.



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