Dolly Track in Unity- Game Dev Series 63

S.J. Jason Liu
3 min readJun 28, 2021

Objective: using dolly track in cutscene.

Dolly track provides a better and smooth camera movement by setting a path. In film industry, it is quite heavy and needs lots of people to set the track. However in Unity, we can easily create dolly track by using Cinemachine.

In this article, we will create a dolly track to take a smooth shot.

Create dolly track

First, click Cinemachine from the top menu bar and select “Create Dolly Camera with Track”.

It should create a virtual camera and a dolly track automatically.

Before we adjust the position of dolly track, remove the dolly track in camera. Then we can move the camera freely.

Create path of dolly track

Then select dolly track, click the add button in Waypoints under the Path Details.

It should create the first waypoint in scene, and would be easier to locate the position.

Then create another waypoint, you should notice there is a track between 2 waypoints.

We can adjust the the curve by adjusting the position of the extra point next to the waypoint 1.

Place the track to the position you want, then we can assign this track to our camera.

Use track to camera

Click the camera and drag the track into Path Position under Body.

We can create an empty to camera as Look At target.

Now you camera should focus on the target. Since the waypoint ID is from 0 to 1, we can change the Path Position in Body of camera to check the result.

Now we can move the camera in Animation by changing the path position.

Enjoy the smooth camera movement!



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