Creating A Beautiful Level in Unity- Game Dev Series 168

Objective: completely creating a beautiful game level from scratch in Unity.

This article would be a conclusion of creating 3D level in Unity completely. In this, I would start creating a 3D scene with URP from basic frame of walls, floor, and ceiling to finish with a awesome study room game scene.

All objects and models are provided by GameDevHQ course and Filebase.

Filling with furniture

The first step after open a package with starter files is sorting the type of model to identify the area, which would be easier to manage when adding or removing some items later on.

Sorting the existing model by static and dynamic, which can go for a further sorting by separate them into something like walls, floors, and ceiling.

Next is importing some furniture to make this place more like a functional room space.

I added some main furniture of a private office- desk, bookshelf, etc.

Props are the key to make a room more alive, and here I would add some props that fit this office.

Adjusting lighting

Within this game scene, my ideal time would be at afternoon, just before sunset. I would import a new skybox which can reveal the perfect color tone of sunset and also change the intensity of light in this room.

Then we need to add some mixed type of light into game scene. In my way, I would put these light source into existing lamp or light objects.

After adding all the light source into lamps, the toning of office has changed to a perfect afternoon tone.

Then I would like to add some fog into game scene to make the atmosphere more mystic.

Since I choose URP as my render system, there is no option that I could add from global volume as fog effect. I need to go to light setting to make some fog.
Go to Lighting, and select Environment.

There is a Other Settings section at the bottom, which you can locate and enable Fog as lighting effect.

Reflection probe & light probe

The next part would be improving lighting and reflection.

The first thing would be changing the type of static objects to “static”, which in my case including floor, walls, and ceiling. Then I would add a reflection probe into game scene, and adjust the size that can include the whole room.

The reflection probe would generate the reflection within the area. You would not see the reflection of skybox on table after adding it.

Then I would add lighting probe to make a balance lighting of game scene.

This would make the lighting in room feel more balance and proper on all the objects in area.

Post processing & fog effect

The next is adding global volume to change the tone of this room. I would like to change this room into a theme with murder and mystic vibe.
I would add Bloom first to make the light source more blurring.

Then use Color Adjustment to readjust exposure and contrast.

Use Vignette to add the dark corner effect around camera, which would look like old-time office room.

The final part is Lift Gamma Gain to recreate the color tone of this room, which I would make a more miserable tone game scene.

This would be pretty much as post processing to this game scene.
Then I would like to add a fog/steam-like effect into scene, to make this place covered by some mystical power.

Occlusion Culling

The final step of completing this game scene is apply occlusion culling to it.
This would improve the performance when camera enter and rendering this game scene.

Bake occlusion and rotating camera to check the result.

And now this office game scene powered by URP has completed.



A passionate gamer whose goal is to work in video game development.

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S.J. Jason Liu

A passionate gamer whose goal is to work in video game development.