Create a Control Room Game Scene: Part 1- Game Dev Series 147

S.J. Jason Liu
4 min readApr 28, 2022


Objective: create the floor and walls of control room.

This would be the first article of 3D environment building tutorial.
In this article, I would create a control room game scene from scratch and start with the floor.
All elements and 3D models are downloaded from Filebase of GameDevHQ.

Floor of our world

First let’s drag a piece of floor model into Hierarchy or Scene directly. Make sure the first floor piece should be in the center of game scene with both 0 on X, Y, and Z axis.

Then select the floor and hold down “Ctrl”, then press “D”. It would duplicate another floor immediately, which you can move it align with the origin one.

Hold down “Ctrl” while dragging and it would snapped perfectly on the side of the origin floor.

Repeat this move until you got a proper size of your room floor.

You can click the center of axis viewer on the top right of Scene to switch between perspective or iso view.
Iso view would help you better to align the models.

Replace model

Now we can add some other floor model to replace the original floor. This would make our floor more unique.

Select a floor you would like to replace, and drag a new floor model into Hierarchy as its child.

This step would help us get the original position fast. Then drag the new floor out of its parent as a part of the whole floor.

Now we can either duplicate this new floor, or repeat this action multiple times until we get aperfect sidewalk of our floor.

(The whole floor shot with yellow basic sidewalk.)

While rotating multiple objects, you can switch the center mode from “pivot” to “center”. Then you can rotate the whole selected floor at a time.

Repeat these steps of adding yellow floors around the original floor.

To make the surrounded floors look more unique, we can replace some of those floors with other floor pieces.
To replace these specific floor piece, simply follow the steps we replace the original floor pieces. By dragging as child, separate from parent, and remove the parent object.

Now you got an unique sci-fi floor as the base.

The first wall

Next, we would create a wall prefab from the floor pieces.
Drag in a piece of floor and set the position to 0. Then rotate the floor piece to vertical angle to floor.

Set the height of wall piece to a proper position, then we can add more pieces on to it.
Then we can add another piece above it.

Repeat this step until you think its quite tall enough to be a wall in your sci-fi room.

Complete the walls

With this wall, now we can duplicate it and replace some of its part to create an unique but different wall.

Create an empty object to store all the objects from this wall.

Now we can simply duplicate Wall_01 and replace some parts.

With these 2 wall element, now we can complete our room with walls.

That would be the first part of creating a sci-fi themed control room.
In the next article, we would continue creating the ceiling, pillars, and more detail of this room.



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