Background in 3D World- Game Dev Series 56

Objective: Quick guide of skybox.

In Unity we create a background in 3D game by using skybox. Skybox has 6 faces, just like using the faces of a cube from its inside. With skybox, you can rotate the camera freely in scene with no worry about the background boundaries.

Game scene without skybox
Game scene with skybox.

Create a skybox

Skybox is a type of material, we can create a material to complete it as a skybox.

Create a new material in Project and rename it.

In the Inspector, change the shader type to skybox> 6 sides.

It is just the same as a cube with 6 sides.
Next we need to import 6 sides of texture that we prepared.

As you see, you can also select the type of sides by the name on it. For example, “Up” is for the top side of texture.

After setting the 6 sides, you can select this skybox in the Lighting tab.

That is how you set a skybox in a 3D game!

More to explore…

Besides creating your own skybox, you can also search for assets store to find out more interesting skybox.

Enjoy the fun with different skybox!



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