Automatic Animations Using Blend List Camera- Game Dev Series 181

S.J. Jason Liu
3 min readMar 9, 2023


Objective: using Blend List Camera creating camera animation flow.

There is an function of Cinemachine that allows you to create an animation- or said “several continuous camera movement, to present a smooth camera movement.
This is quite common using for cutscene or some realtime characters’ animation during gameplay.

In this article, let’s discover this function- Blend List Camera.

Add Blend List Camera

A Blend List Camera holds several virtual cameras in it and provides user to adjust the order of camera shooting in a easy way.

First, create a Blend List Camera from Cinemachine dropdown menu.
And it includes the basic view of its function like this:

Most of the functions are quite similar to a simple virtual camera and with some unique part.
Take a look at the main column of children cameras.

The first column is about setting the blending animation with these cameras. As for its to use, you need to add more cameras under it, which can easily be done by the second column- adding any camera in need.
Add more cameras and change their position and shooting angle.

Once you set all the cameras, the most important part is to add these into the first column- creating camera flow animation.

Setting animation of cameras

The first part of creating a camera animation clip is to understand the blend in options.
There are 8 ways to present all the cameras.

All of these could let you decide how to present your camera in game.
Let’s just make a quick setting to all of my cameras.

Once done, you can play the game and check the result.

If you want to loop this animation, there is an option above blending setting column to check.

Now you should get a smooth and unique camera animation.

With this function, you can create a simple cutscene like this:



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