Advanced Orbital Camera: FreeLook Cameras- Game Dev Series 180

S.J. Jason Liu
2 min readMar 7, 2023


Objective: quick introduce of Free Look Cameras from Cinemachine

Besides the basic transposer of follow function under virtual camera, there is another useful gameobject of Cinemachine that can do more than the Orbital Transposer.
Behold the freer rotating camera setting: FreeLook Camera.

Using FreeLook Camera

First we need to add a new camera from Cinemachine dropdown menu.
Select FreeLook Camera.

Same as using virtual camera, assign the target to both Follow and Look At.
Then you should see the camera successfully focused on target.

Let’s take a look of Inspector. There are more options than virtual camera.
The first big part you would notice is that you can easily adjust the axis value.
Including rotating speed, auto recentering, and inverting axis.

As it shows in the scene view, there are 3 red rings around the target which are top, middle, and bottom rig.
These are the limit of this freelook camera could do, which is the biggest benefit that using this camera. You can easily to adjust the distance, moving speed, or damping of these rigs.

In a short way to describe FreeLook Camera, it is pretty much a camera which contains 3 orbital transposer cameras in it with separate settings.



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