Objective: Create health bar of the boss and add boss to final wave.

It looks more crazy with some damage animation!

With special and , now should be a wonderful chance to defeat our boss.

In this article, we will create the health bar of the boss and send it into our spawning routing.

Health bar

Create a new slider under Canvas and adjust anything you need like what we did in the .

Objective: Create attacking methods of boss.

I updated the sprite!!

It is the second part of this boss creating series. Yesterday we have , now we will create some special attacking methods to our boss.

As my design, boss will have 2 attacking methods:

  • Create tons of laser and spread toward player
  • Summon some normal enemies as support attack

Laser Storm

To create a laser storm, first we need to create an empty. Drag and adjust the position of lasers.

Objective: Create a boss with unique movements.

The shape is still a prototype

It is about time to face the final threat. Boss is coming.

This article we be the first part of our boss creating series. In this we will focus on creating the unique movements of the final boss.

For what I design of the boss, it will have 2 movements:

  • Side moving left and right
  • Moving on several specific spots continually.

Side movement

The boss would going from the top till reach the setting height to start this unique movement.

We need to create a new script then create some variables to it.

Objective: Create homing missile.

So far, all the enemies seem would chase after us. It is time to send something to chase them back!

In this article we will create a homing missile that would chase any enemy shows up in scene.

Missile script

First we need to create a new gameobject as our missile. With every components needed and create a new script.

Objective: Make enemies can dodge the upcoming laser.

When a visible laser is coming, dodging it should be a reasonable behavior.

In this article, we will create a new behavior for our enemies could dodge the upcoming laser.
With this behavior, it will be 2 parts.

  • Laser detecting gameobject
  • Movement behavior.

Create new detecting gameobject

As what we did in article, we can create a new gameobject as a child of Enemy and make it as a detector.

Objective: Create a powerups collect function with pressing C key.

While our enemies are getting stronger, the Player still got no upgrade. It is a good time to cheer up our Player!

In this article, we will create a magnet to collect all the powerups in scene with pressing C key. It will contain 3 parts with this function.

  • Create visualize slide as magnet cooldown system
  • Press C to collect all when magnet is ready
  • Change the movement of powerups

Visualize magnet

Let’s create a Slider in Canvas and adjust the value, which is almost the same setting as the .

Objective: Make our enemies would detect powerups that in front of them and destroy it.

Although the enemies now are some kind of sharpen weapons and almost attacking everything, face to the powerups of Player are still not enough to be feared. If they can even attack and destroy the powerups, that would be interesting.

In this article we will give the ability for enemies to destroy the powerup. This will contain 2 parts:

  • Create a detector to enemies then fire if detected.
  • Powerup receive the damage that sent by enemies.

Powerups detector

To create a detector, I would add a new…

Objective: Add aggressive behavior to enemies.

Imagine every enemies would use suicide attack if they are too close from Player to shoot laser. In this article, we will raise up the threat level of our enemies by giving them get closer to Player automatically.

Reaching to Player is just similar to the we did couple days ago. We can simply use a detecting range to identify where is Player.

This would be a quick tutorial, all we need to adjust is our Enemy script.

Enemy script adjustment

First of all, create a variable to verify the detecting range.

Objective: Create 1 time protection shield to enemy.


Every challenge is a good opportunity improving the skill to defeat a game. To raise up the level of challenge, giving our enemies some buff might be a good start.

In this article, we will make our enemy got shield protection randomly. It is getting tougher for our players to clear them all.

Shield prefab

First thing we need to do is to create a shield prefab, which we can easily create one from the Player.

Inside our Player, there is a shield gameobject which is not a prefab yet. …

Objective: Balance the rules of powerup spawning.

Something must goes wrong.

So far we already have 6 powerups(or 7, including poison) randomly spawning during the game. However, we usually get what we do not need at the right time, that is because the spawning system is messy. We simply add the newest powerup in to the old spawning routine.

In this article, we will fix the balance between all the powerups.

The first part is figuring out what should shows up with higher frequency. When the game just began, you might not need the repair powerup since there are less enemies, which I would…

S.J. Jason Liu

A passionate gamer whose goal is to work in video game development.

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